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Procedures FAQ

Why is Ambulatory Endoscopy a better option than Hospital Endoscopy?
If you fit our medical criteria to have your procedure in our ambulatory facility, you will find it easy to check in, with minimal procedural paperwork and a pleasant, relaxed and personal environment. You are likely to be discharged much more quickly than if you have your procedure in a hospital setting.

How long will I be at the center?
Generally you will be ready to leave one to two hours from the time you are taken back for your procedure.

When should I arrive for my procedure?
Please refer to your instructions for your arrival time. If you are running late please notify the Center.

Why do I need someone to drive me home?
Even though the sedation you receive wears off quickly it can still affect your coordination for up to 12 hours. For your safety as well as the safety of others we request that you have someone drive you home.

Can I take a taxi?
You may take a taxi as long as you still have someone to accompany you. The taxi driver is not considered your responsible adult.

Does my ride need to stay while I have my procedure?
While we highly encourage your ride to stay it is not strictly essential. We do request a number where we may reach them if needed. For afternoon appointments, we request that your ride remain while you are having your procedure.

What if my colonoscopy prep makes me sick?
You are required to take a bowel prep prior to your colonoscopy. This includes a liquid diet and laxatives the day before your procedure. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW YOUR BOWEL PREP INSTRUCTIONS. If you become nauseous or vomit the prep or for some reason you cannot take or finish the prep please call your doctor. If it is after hours please call the answering service. The doctor may be able to adjust your prep so you can tolerate it.

Can I take my medicine before my procedure?
You may take all your prescribed medications with a sip of water unless otherwise directed. If you are taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs as well as Coumadin, Plavix or Insulin please contact your physician for special instructions regarding these medications.

What should I bring on the day of my procedure?
Please bring your insurance cards and any paperwork that was sent to you from the office as well as your referral if needed. Wear comfortable clothing as well as a pair of socks or slippers to walk around in. We encourage you to leave any valuables at home.

What type of anesthesia will I receive?
Your anesthesia will be deep sedation. The sedative will be administered as needed so that at all times you will be pain free and unaware of the procedure while breathing by yourself. You will be monitored closely at all times throughout the procedure and after by anesthesia staff and nurses.

How long will I be in recovery?
The sedation you receive wears off quickly. You will be in recovery up to 20 minutes. After recovery, you will change into your clothes and see the doctor to go over your results.

How will I feel after my procedure?
Most people feel somewhat drowsy after their test. This is completely normal. We ask you to get something to eat, drink plenty of fluids and perhaps take a nap. You should feel normal after waking up. You also may feel some abdominal discomfort or gassy if you have had a colonoscopy. This is because of the air inserted during your procedure. We encourage you to "pass your wind" as this will make you feel better.

Can I work the next day?
You should be able to return to work the next day. If you are unable to return to work, contact your doctor immediately as this is not typical.

What can I eat after my procedure?
Occasionally, your doctor will advise a special diet post-procedure but generally you can eat whatever you feel you can tolerate. Some people feel like a big meal others feel like something light. Follow your body's lead.

When will I know the results of my procedure?
You will speak with your doctor about the results of your procedure before you are discharged. You will also receive discharge instructions with all pertinent information documented for you.